I’m Scott Roberts and I’m running for SRVUSD School Board, Area 3 (Dougherty Valley)!

My Immediate Focus:

1) Enhance remote learning experience.
Ensure all students and teachers have the necessary resources, technical AND social/emotional support. Meanwhile, prepare a solid COVID-19 Recovery Plan for a safe return.

2) Improve student wellness.
District student wellness initiatives are pre-Covid. What are we doing now to address the social emotional learning of students? And even when we do return to the classroom, what does the data show from our Mental Wellness Taskforce and our PERSONAL LEARNING INITIATIVES? I am already working with experts in the fields of medicine, mental-health and wellness to help assess and provide oversight of these programs, collaborate, and offer ongoing guidance and support.

3) Deliver equitable education by pooling resources from public and private sectors.
As a current San Ramon Commissioner, I have the needed experience to work closely with city officials and will continue to bridge-the-gap through active involvement in the school district, local government and corporations.

4) Promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the District.
Today’s schools are increasingly multicultural and multilingual with students from diverse social and economic backgrounds. As a first-generation Asian American I’ve personally experienced racism and know the feeling of not being included. There’s no question that I’m the strongest candidate to improve race relations within our district……..read more.

5) Support, Hire and retain the best teachers.
I think we can all agree that teaching should be the most respected profession. Why? Because K-12 is the most important thing we do. Sadly, teacher salaries don’t reflect this. I went to our schools and care deeply for our teachers. In fact, I’m honored to be endorsed by our Teacher of the Year, Nusheen Saadat from Quail Run Elementary, who knows I strongly support our teachers.

6) Strengthen the fiscal health of our District.
As a Financial Professional, I have built strategic partnerships and raised millions in capital for underfunded organizations. I understand complex budgets and finances. As a member of our District Parcel Tax Oversight Committee, I have the due-diligence experience to ensure we are putting checks and balances on these initiatives.

Commitment to Education

I am the most actively involved Area 3 candidate with extensive District experience. For most of my adult life, I have been helping bridge resources to education, particularly financial aid for at-risk youth and low-income families. This dedication to education led me to joining the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation Board of Directors in 2017, where I’ve been helping provide more STEAM programs and raise millions for our students. I’ve also been serving on the SRVUSD Parcel Tax Oversight Committee for many years, providing much needed oversight and transparency of District Parcel Tax expenditures.

I’ll bring needed diversity to the Board of Education. While the demographics have changed in our community, and within the School District as a whole (~60% BIPOC), the representation within the leadership has not kept pace. It’s time to ensure everyone has a voice, and that it is reflected by the people representing them. As an Asian American myself, I bring a new and much needed diversity to the Board. Regardless of the Districting that has occurred this year, each Trustee must represent all students within the District to work for the good of all. I am the best candidate to help achieve this goal.

Immediate Fiscal Expertise – We were already facing a serious budget crisis, between declining enrollment, and being the 2nd lowest funded District in CA. With the addition of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are facing some serious financial challenges both in the short and long term. I am the only candidate who can jump in immediately to make tough decisions to protect the funds we currently have and ensure the fiscal health of the SRVUSD. I’m a finance professional with years of experience balancing budgets and providing oversight on ensuring public monies are spent responsibly and transparently. My financial background coupled with my current District experience will allow me to hit the ground running, without taking excessive time to get up-to-speed.

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